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Winning at Home Wrap-Up

June 14, 2011

We’ve just recently wrapped up the “Winning at Home” series on Sunday mornings.   One highlight for me is that each week has given us someplace to start in relationship to intentionally leading, prayer, and priorities.  On our worst days it’s easy to listen and feel GUILTY that we’re not doing more (or better) in our own homes…but the challenge has been to START SOMEWHERE!  We can each do that.

Here’s one highlight for me from each week’s sermon (you can listen to the sermons HERE):
1)From Bruce on week 1:

I “win at home” when my commitment to Jesus shapes . . .
how I live – modeling a life in transformation that affects my habits, hobbies, and service
what I pass on to others – teaching by my conversations
how I make decisions –priorities that affect my time and resources
who I depend upon – prayer that puts God before self

2)From Roger on week 2:

Your children are your life ministry. Start where you’re at laying the foundation of a new process.

3)From Kip on week 3:

When considering my family, I must choose between good and best. One application of this is to learn to say “or” not “and.”

4)From Jeff on week 4:

WHY we pray is so that our children develop a love for God and His word. From Colossians 1:9-12 we can pray that are children live consistently worthy, regularly pleasing, constantly fruitful, Biblically wise, spiritually powerful, and joyfully thankful.

What about you?  What were your highlights from the series?

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