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Winning at Home

May 26, 2011

We’ve started a new series at WLGBC entitled “Winning at Home” and I couldn’t be happier.  For years if someone asked what the church was known for people might say one of three things…kids, youth, and missions…and rightly so.

Recently that might have changed to include a few other things, but the focus on kids and youth has never changed.  We love kids…but we love their families, too.  We are passionate about wanting people to connect to God and make worship their way of life.  We are passionate about wanting people to connect to each other and be involved in healthy groups within the church family as well as partnering with others in prayer.    We are passionate about desiring people to connect to the mission that God has placed on all believers to be planted into their world through service and evangelism.

I think the best way to accomplish all three of those God-given big picture desires in every family is through the home!  “Home” is a great word, too, because it reminds us that every home is a place to encourage and deepen faith, no matter what the makeup of your home is.  Whether you are single, single-again, married, married with kids, empty-nesters, or a single parent your home matters!

This series will begin to unpack what it means  to start “winning” in each home.  Bruce Barlow helped define a “win” at home last week by using this definition:

I “win at home” when my commitment to Jesus shapes . . .
how I live – modeling a life in transformation that affects my habits, hobbies, and service
what I pass on to others – teaching by my conversations
how I make decisions –priorities that affect my time and resources
who I depend upon – prayer that puts God before self

You can listen to Bruce’s message HERE (it should be uploaded in the next two days).

Bruce also mentioned some research done by Lifeway Research and quoted by Ed Stetzer at the D6 Conference that Nick and I attended in the fall.  If you want to know more about that research, you can hear Ed explain it himself in this video:

Let’s win at home this week.  If you’re not doing anything…START SOMEWHERE!

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