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Thoughts and such…

March 19, 2010

• I’ve thought about doing this for awhile now (thoughts and such).  I love Mark and Rich‘s updates, and have thought that I tend to write in this format, anyways.  So, thanks to them.

• We had a retreat last weekend.  Can I say it was Epic?  I’m very grateful to Roy Angle for being our retreat speaker!  Our topic was “What’s so great about the gospel?” and I think that he did a great job of laying a foundation about what the gospel is!  I’m excited for us to continue to be able to unpack this with students.

• Much of what Roy talked about last weekend was taken from Tim Keller’s book The Prodigal God.  I’m almost done with it now and I must say that I resonate with the older brother.  I’m excited that some of our students have picked up this book and are currently reading it now, too!

•  Speaking of books…last weekend we tried to load up each student with give-aways.  Each student left with two t-shirts (an Epic Wednesdays one and a The Retreat Starts Now one), a poster from the weekend, and one of three books:  Crazy Love, The Forgotten God, or The Prodigal God.  I know some of them have already finished their book…which makes me encouraged.

•  Have I said that our youth staff is amazing?  The serve and love extremely well.

•  If I missed saying something about slaughter I’d be in trouble…very fun!  It was probably the best game of slaughter I’ve ever played.  You can see some videos HERE.

•  Excited to hang with some good friends at the CELS conference on Monday and Tuesday…and to be refreshed in the process.

•  It’s almost here!  The Imagine the Potential banquet is Sunday night.  This has been a long process and I’m excited to see where God will continue to stretch our church family in all of this.  New ministry.  New students.  New tools to connect with people.

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