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An Empty Way of Life (1 Peter 1:18)

February 24, 2010

So, I’m trying to get better adding to the Live It! blog hosted at WLGBC’s site.  Kip Cone has been doing a great job writing this for several years now, and it was way past time to get involved with it.  Here’s my repost from that blog today:

I’ll admit it…I’ve often been a little jealous of friends and family who have given their lives to Christ as adults. These people think differently. They live differently. Mostly, they consider the work of God in their lives differently. They knew one pattern of life and “traded” it in for something far better…a life that was redeemed with the precious blood of Christ. What a change!

Maybe I’m not really jealous, but 1 Peter 1:18 bothers me a little. I know I’ve been redeemed by that same precious blood, but I wonder if I don’t “get” what makes that old life so different than this new life (hear me out, please). What constitutes an empty life? Is the empty life only that life before Christ? Maybe it’s life in Christ that is lived disconnected to Christ and his church. Maybe it’s a life “filled” with everything that doesn’t fill us up, even if we know the ONE that gives full life.

Confused? I am, too. I’m confused as to why I attempt to ever seek fulfillment apart from Christ. An empty life is no different than life outside of Christ. A full life is one that is marked by faith and hope in God (1:21). What about you? How do you live the full life, as opposed to going back to an empty way of life?

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